Our values

  • Human Rights and their progression are basic values of our consultancy work.
  • Responsible interaction with our environment and the ecological context we are working in.
  • Equal treatment of people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, age, social status and educational status. We are also committed to empowering marginalised groups.

Our guiding principles of work

  • We are dedicated to transparency and professional integrity in all our activities internally and externally. Resolute opposition to all forms of corruption and fraud.
  • We are committed to capacity building and local human resource development, going beyond given programme time frames and aiming to benefit target populations and our partners as a whole.
  • We are committed to aim for social, technical, economical and environmental sustainability in all consultancy projects.
  • Partnership and close cooperation with local development partners, as well as community participation are at the centre of our work approach. Promotion of openness, interaction, transparency and accountability while working with all partners and stakeholders are characterising this cooperation.
  • We consider knowledge and its management as a major asset for the organisation, as well as a key component of capacity building.
  • We are committed to approach development programmes based on established evidence. However, at the same time we also pursue integrating innovative approaches and technical advances.
  • We are dedicated to Quality Management and aim continuously to improve the services we render.
  • We aim to optimise Cost-efficiency in favour of the beneficiaries and our funding partners in any project.
  • We consider our staff and experts as the most important capital of the organisation. Initiative, innovation, personal and professional growth will be encouraged and supported.
  • Social and cultural context of our projects should be respected.
  • Gender Mainstreaming for the different situations and interests of women and men will be taken into account in all projects, since there is no gender-neutral reality.

Photo: Ton Koene

SANIPLAN’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art consultancy services to our partners and clients with the objective to improve the health, water supply and further social development of the populations assisted.

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